About Object Orientation and unbelievablism! – a night out with FL Studio and Moog Skywalker

MSometimes you have this very special, unexpected evenings. What started out to be a harmless visit to my old friend Moog Skywalker turned out to be a mindblowing journey into ultra nerdcore.

I would consider myself as rather literate when it comes to music making software, plugins and sequencers. But nowhere was I prepared to take the full load of FL Studio (aka Fruity Loops). A fair share of DAWs I’ve seen for sure, but what happended to this scene classic is almost not possible to describe: It’s got the same boring grey-on-grey dark looks, the same 90ies cyber look. The same unusable step sequencer, the same tracker-derived sound handling.

But below this lies a universe of unbelievabism! So modular, so vast, so crazy, so modular. It’s the Object Orientation heaven here. Everything can be combined, modulated, sent, received, input, output to everything. What was complex a few years ago is not cascades of endless possibilities. And in true nerdcore style, all those esoteric functions are of course totallly hidden away under tiny almost-black buttons and labelled in obscure words that more resemble a decyphering of an ancient pyramid than working a software.

This is death-by-feature in it’s most extreme form. It was pretty clear to me, that the human mind just cannot graps even the basic possibilities and permutations that become possible with such a tool. And even if: human life is just too short to even try out all this functions. So he was showing me mindblowing stuff after mindblowing stuff, seemingly flying to the software that took him half a year to master to an astounding yet almost basic level of expertise.

And during all those pure tech talk I was able to listen to unreleased tracks and patterns by the dozen. From dub techno to drum’n bass almost everything was there most of it slamming good. I was even able to listen to preview of a special a Connaisseur track! (that will probably never see the light of the day anyway).

All this left me sitting deeply impressed and also a bit shaken, now knowing that software finally has superseded the human that was meant to operate it. Why I am tellingt you all this and why you even should bother is not known to me. It just had to get out.

Ah and while we’re at it, you can check some released music from Moog Skywalker from almost a decade ago. He was the synth mastermind of the 2000er band IMP-ACT, whose one and only album was re-released four years ago on Traktor-Records, the label of IMP-ACT founder Autodidakt, who set out to conquer the nurave crowds. Check Bongladesh for a start:

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One Reply to “About Object Orientation and unbelievablism! – a night out with FL Studio and Moog Skywalker”

  1. isch will dann mal aber dagegenhalten, dass REAPER als Sequencer ebenfalls mehr als erstaunlich, unglaublich simpel und immer in Bewegung (Updates ohne Ende!) ist.
    Und das für einen Preis der unverschämt günstig erscheint.

    Dazu noch eine super gemachte Matrix mit diversen Möglichkeiten zur Automation.

    Aber unabhängig vom Sequencer, ein HAMMER Soft-Synth: Tyrell von amazona.de! Urs Heckmann Synth for free und jetzt in der Version 2.0 zu haben!

    Führt mal eine richtige Technik-Ecke ein und gewinnt dafür unbedingt den Herr MoogSkywalker als Rezensenten.

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