It’s not so much a single factor that causes this long time of inactivity. It’s the combination several factors. The potentiation of each and every apect into a period of time that can easily be mistaken for an eternity.

Music floods us. Music overwhelms us. While collecting thoughts about one perticular album, while we think what to write, the next track, the next album, the next revelation comes, rendering the previous one a shade more irrelevant the second we hear the new one.

For me personally it’s hard to grasp the mere size of it all: When ever has Drum’n Bass be so good? So diverse? Such a multitude of tunes? Such a high level of quality? So many things old and new, both good. Whenever does the enthusiasm of a, let’s say TC, entertain us so much?

When ever at the same time has a UK Garage / 2step revival existed that produces such things as Disclosure or Philestine? Such unearthly superheroes such as SBTRKT or Oneman?

This is almost too much.
When ever at the same time does (post-/whetever-/pre-) dubstep produce chillstep like Author or the pure genius that is Djrum? When ever at the same very moment does the grandmaster himself release a new album under his earthen name of Robert Babicz?
See? Never before. How can there be any time to write about it? What use is it to recommend anything at all? It just destracts from enjoying the next big thing.

This explosion of sounds is the soundtrack to our real lifes that keep on accelerating day by day, transforming us into marathon runners to keep up with it. No judgement, no criticism is part of this observation. Positive and negative things happen, both broadening our experiences, making us richer. So much richer. We owe thanks. Huge thanks due to the fact that we are the lucky ones living here and being able to experience all this in peace and health. Being able to be allowed to enjoy this. To be allowed to be in the state to enjoy the events in our lives instead of suffering from the same events is a gift.

Millions of songs could be cited here to represent this state, these thoughts, this happiness. And at the same time, no song in the world could ever be credited to be so complete. So let’s take something obvious. Take something zeitgeisty. Take something literally. Take something maybe irrelevant tomorrow. Except for the title.


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