Open Letter to the Ludes

Dear Ludes,

first of all it’s time to say thank you for making my summer more energetic.
And to say thank you for your ass-kicking, instantly good-mood-serving music.
At least for the stuff I heard.
A colleague came up with the blasting song
“Badlands” which used to be my companion during this summer. Like hearing “Badlands”
as loud as it gets and driving around through the alps isn’t the badest thing to spent
your days. So another sincere thanks goes out to Martin for comming along with such great music!
But…. guess what? Could have known by now that there will arise a “but”.
Now your album “The Dark Art of Happiness” is available and it’s not that I don’t like it BUT, Ludes, please
for rock’s sake, please tell me what the hell happened to “Badlands”?

The album version -so to say- stinks! Where’s the Rock? Where’s the delicious background vocals? Where’s the dirt,
the easiness, the kick? The new version sounds pretty top-heavy, over-designed and slippery as an eel.
If this is the difference between a demo-tape and the major-label professional sound then I’d say “Hell yeah! Give me
the demo, ’cause it rocks”.

Will there be a single with the good old version of “Badlands”? I need to have a chance to let our readers decide which

one they like better. So to the RadP-Readers: here Ludes

Myspace you can listen to the album version and I will take care to find a way to let you hear the old version.

Thanks guys for reconsidering to release “Badlands” again, we’ll collect signatures!

Keep on rockin’!



PS: I recommend buying the album via Download on the official page Ludes Music dot com because on the german Amazon page the vinyl costs 71,00? !!!!!!!!
Dark Art of Happiness Vinyl

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